Halimur Khan, Ph.D.


Position: Member



M.A. in Russian, French & English (Moscow, 1982), M.A. in Russian Literature (U of Albany, 1983), Ph.D. in Slavic Languages & Literatures (U of Michigan, 1990), and M.Ed. in International Education Policy and Leadership (Harvard University, 2006).

Dr. Halimur R. Khan is currently an Associate Professor of Russian and a core faculty member at the US Air Force Academy. He teaches and conducts research on Russian language, literature, Russian area studies, as well as educational and national leadership; Khan also consults on international education policy. Halimur Khan has been a faculty member at numerous U.S. universities including at Oberlin College, Georgetown University, Wayne State University, University of Michigan and Colgate University prior to joining the USAF Academy. Dr. Khan has twice been a Junior Fulbright Fellow (Moscow), and a Fellow of American Council on Education (ACE). He is currently serving at various committees at the USAF Academy, and as the Co-Chair of the World Languages Committee at the Colorado Department of Education. Khan is a member of over a dozen professional organizations including WAIS (World Association of International Scholars) at Stanford University; he is a regular contributor to various national and international conferences. Khan frequently consults in international education policy formulation, especially for primary and secondary schools in developing countries and on the issues of girls’ education. He is the author of over ten peer-reviewed journal articles on the areas of Russian literature and international education policy. Dr. Khan is expecting his book, “Russian Literature and Islam: A Cross-cultural Dialog” to be published in June 2008.

Associate Professor of Russian & Director of Research
US Air Force Academy
DFF/Strategic Languages Division
2354 Fairchild Drive, Ste.# 4J6G
Colorado 80840
719.333.7967 (off)
214.724.0654 (cell)