The central focus of BDI is to see an all-encompassing development process get started in Bangladesh. All the activities of BDI are geared to this aim. A number of such activities are listed here:

  • BDI arranges occasional seminars in Bangladesh and in USA on different issues relating to the question of industrial development of Bangladesh. BDI attempts to publish the proceedings of the seminars in book form. BDI also publishes the findings of such seminars in newspapers in order to disseminate the knowledge gathered from the seminars.

  • BDI raises funds in USA at times of natural disasters in Bangladesh in order to provide relief to the disaster victim.

  • BDI is in favor of providing scholarship to Ph.D. level students in Bangladesh in particular research areas, which are crucial to the industrial development of Bangladesh.

  • BDI initiates awareness campaigns through the distribution of pamphlets in Bangladesh in order to raise the level of consciousness of people regarding better living, health care, environment, education, etc. BDI also initiates awareness campaign in North America in order to inform the people of this continent of the objective conditions of development in Bangladesh.

  • BDI sponsors making of films for educational purposes in areas that directly affect the development process of Bangladesh.

  • There are people of Bangladeshi origin who live and work in foreign countries, especially in North America. Many of them possess special skills in many different areas and are willing to help Bangladesh in its development process. BDI would like to work as a coordinator between these people and prospective Bangladeshi industries that can and are willing to utilize these human resources.

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