Humanitarian & Charitable Work

Sokol Donate to Seattle Bangladeshi Community Rohingya Relief Fund


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BDI’s Contributions to Various Disaster Response Efforts

  1. Tsunami Victims of South Asia in January 2005: $275

  2. Funds sent to BRAC/Bangladesh for flood victims of Bangladesh in August 2007: $1,508

  3. Fund raised for the SIDR victims of Bangladesh in December 2007: $3,960

  4. Haiti Earthquake Collection by BDI donated through American Red Cross in January 2010: $1,601

  5. Japanese tsunami in March 2011 donated through UNICEF: $1,000

  6. Joplin/Missouri Tornado in May 2011 donated through American Red Cross: $675

  7. Somalia Famine Aug-Sept 2011 donated through UNICEF: $900

  8. BDI donation to Doctors Without Borders for Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh October 2012: $250

  9. BDI Donation to American Red Cross for October 2012 Super Sandy Storm Victims 12-03-2012: $1,000