Congratulatory Tributes to Dr. Hameeda Hossain

Selected Congratulatory Tributes to Dr. Hameeda Hossain on Receiving the BDI Lifetime Achievement Award 2021

(Captured from live chat during the virtual award ceremony)

What an incredible journey by an extraordinary human being. Immensely grateful for all that you have done for our society and country madam. You will always be an inspiration for us. Hope we can take your work forward in the days ahead. (Md. Abir Hasan, Youth Policy Forum)

Amazing contributions! Learning so much more about Dr. Hameeda Hossain’s work and contributions to our struggles…. HH has always been very generous with sharing her work and insights. I had the good fortune on discussing her work on the CEDAW alternative report in the context of my own work on the legal compliance of Bangladesh to UN norms re CEDAW and CRC. (Tazeen Murshid)

It is indeed humbling to hear about Ms. Hameeda Hossain from others who themselves are distinguished in their contributions to meaningful issues that matter. (Waziuddin Chowdhury, BDI member)

I am so thankful to have known Hameeda apa, Sara and Dina and all that I have learnt from them. I owe a lot of my research to Hameeda apa and ASK which I acknowledged in Spectral Wound. Her quiet strength has always been palpable and she could always be drawn upon for her integrity and solidarity. As Meghna said it’s the small things which show the strength of character. And I have always appreciated her critical perspective. Thank you Hameeda apa for being yourself. (Nayanika Mookherjee)

Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example. You are by your action.… Proud of you Hameeda apa. You are a true inspiration for us. Thank you so much for your contribution…. It was really wonderful to hear about Hameeda apa and her journey. An amazing personality. Thank you once again. (Fawzia Khondker)

Congratulations to Dr. Hameeda Hossain. Her life is a living story that inspires our society to reduce gender inequality. She is our “Begum Rokeya” for Bangladeshi women– a constant inspiration not only for present time but for the upcoming generations. (Banglar Pathshala)

Hameeda Hossain has been a mentor and guide for many of us — she is unstintingly generous with her time and critical insights, also always ready to tell me when she disagrees with me 🙂 Never been on the streets with her but spent many hours at ASK.  She is a pleasure to work with and a wonderful editor.  Proud to have edited some of those annual Human Rights reports that ASK published. (Dina M. Siddiqi)

It is an honor and pleasure to celebrate Hameeda. She shines a light on all of us, inspires us, teaches us, and welcomes us as comrades in the struggles – numerous and varied – for justice and equality. Thank you for welcoming me as a supporter of these numerous efforts. With love and deep respect. (Shelley Feldman)

Indeed HH– the world is indeed a better place, and like so many others, my life has been enriched by Hameeda’s friendship and support. (Sajeda Amin)

Joining all in celebrating the life and works of Dr. Hameeda Hossain. She remains a source of civic commitment, courage and competence for me. (Debapriya Bhattacharya)

Diane and I are so pleased to have learned more about your broad and deep contribution to human rights. Congratulations on this moving tribute. (Thomas Geraghty)

Congratulations to Dr. Hameeda Hossain and thank you for your immense contributions to the human rights movement worldwide. (René Holenstein)

Congratulations, Hameeda apa! Thanks for all your dedication and great work to change people’s lives in Bangladesh! (Shiba Kar, BDI member)

Really happy to be here today. I am very lucky to have known you, Hameeda Apa, since my teenage years.  You have always inspired me to stand up for justice and equality. Thank you. (Zobaida Nasreen)

An incredible changemaker whose humility, industry, forthrightness and courage are inspirational and beyond! My heartfelt congratulations. (Saad Andaleeb, former president of BDI)

Thank you Hameeda for all the warmth and friendship you gave me and Supriya over the years. You must know that you were the one person that Supriya cherished and respected most in Bangladesh. You were her idol in many ways and, of course, mine too.  I thank you most sincerely for all your contribution in setting up RIB and your help to run it for the last twenty years. I wish you many more years of active life. (Dr. Shamsul Bari, Research Initiatives, Bangladesh)

Heartiest congratulations Ma’am! You are a trailblazer and an inspiration. May you always remain blessed. (Sonia Z. Khan)

Heartfelt congratulations Hameeda apa, and thank you in particular for exposing labour rights violations at the hands of employers, from the colonial to the local. So much for us young researchers to draw immense inspiration from. (Taqbir Huda)

Dr. Hameeda Hossain, congratulations on your receiving BDI Lifetime Achievement Award!  Thank you for all your work on human rights and women’s issues that benefitted Bangladeshi people enormously.  As the founding President of BDI, I feel proud to see that a woman of your caliber and accomplishment was selected by my colleagues at BDI for this prestigious award. I wish your continued success and well-being.  (Ashraf Ali, founding president of BDI)

It is almost impossible to summarise in three minutes the three decades of work, activism, learning, partnership and friendship shared with a great personality such as Hameeda Apa. I cherish knowing, learning from and working with Hameeda Apa and Salma Apa, as one of the great honours of my life. You have enriched so many lives, and sharpened the depth and discourse around so many critical rights-based issues. Thank you always, Hameeda Apa. The world is certainly a better place because we have you. (Faustina Pereira)

Hameeda Apa is also a wonderful raconteur with her sharp perspectives, warmth, and wry sense of humour. I remember this is what first drew me to her as a person when I met her in the 80s, during which time she also shared a part of her lived history of 71 with us. I remember the weeks in their home when she hosted Gita and me so generously, when we were working on Gita’s film on women and fundamentalism in Bangladesh; when she led us wisely through the session on Bangladesh at the Lahore Women’s Studies seminar on the 30th anniversary of the genocide; when she advised younger scholars like me at the SSRC workshop in Kolkata; when her gentle questioning led me into new ways of thinking when I was in Bangladesh recording oral narratives of women of the Tebhaga movement…. It is a rare person who can elicit the kind of love and respect you can Hameeda, across very short periods of knowing. Thank you for having enriched so many of our lives individually and in the Indian women’s movement too. (Kavita Panjabi)

Our respected Hameeda apa, every time I meet you there is always a spark of nice feeling that I can feel instantly inside me! Your kindness, and the way we always find you beside the have-nots are very encouraging! Your work will be always remembered with much love and respect! (Julia Ahmad)

Congratulations Aunty Hameeda on well-deserved recognition. So happy to have been here to hear about all your many contributions beyond what I already knew, and hear lovely stories about you. You are a true role model – love and respect you. (Lamiya Morshed)

Hameeda aunty thank you for being such a wonderful mentor to me and undoubtedly to many many other girls and women. (Naveeda Khan)

Congratulations BDI for the decision to honour Hameeda Apa, and congratulations Hameeda Apa on being awarded this honour. (Shireen Pervin Huq)