Nadine Shaanta Murshid Ph.D.


Position: Member



Dr. Nadine Shaanta Murshid joined the faculty of University at Buffalo School of Social Work in 2014. She holds a BBA from James Madison University (2003), MPP in Public Policy from Australian National University (2006), and PhD in Social Work from Rutgers University (2013). Her teaching interests include research, diversity and oppression, immigration, violence, and international social work.

Dr. Murshid’s areas of interest and research include institutions, structural sources of violence, social policy, and health disparities. Her most recent work focuses on experiences of microfinance participation among women in Bangladesh. Her current project focuses on mobile financial services and how they affect particular groups, such as migrant workers.

Dr. Murshid’s social consciousness on both national and international levels guides her talks and publications in both scholarly journals and popular media. These include her 2014 article, “The killings at Bangladesh’s Bihari Camp – Murder mystery or murder with impunity?” in India’s Frontier Weekly, and an article on the use of neoliberal language by microfinance participants as they take personal responsibility for social problems, including intimate partner violence and sexual harassment on the streets. She also maintains an op-ed, #ResearchMesearch, on The Daily Star.

Dr. Murshid also serves as reviewer for interdisciplinary journals such as Violence Against Women and Feminist Economics.