1995 Socioeconomic Development of Bangladesh

“Socioeconomic Development of Bangladesh” at University of Pittsburgh, 1995

BDI organized an international conference in 1995. It was a one-day conference on the “Socioeconomic Development of Bangladesh”, organized by BDI along with the expatriate Bangladeshi nationals living in Western Pennsylvania. The Conference was held on August 12, 1995 at the Graduate School of Public Health Auditorium of the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. The members of the Bangladeshi Students Association (BSA) of the University of Pittsburgh, Bangladesh Development Initiative (BDI) and Bangladeshi American Association of Western Pennsylvania (BAAWP) jointly shared all the workload for the conference. BDI took the responsibility of publishing the articles presented at the Conference in the form of a book. This book, entitled Development Issues of Bangladesh, was published in 1996 by The University Press Limited. It is comprised of nineteen articles presented at the Conference, an introduction by the editors and a foreword by Professor Nurul Islam. The book is edited by Ashraf Ali, M. Faizul Islam and Ruhul Kuddus. Click here to learn more about the book.