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Sir Fazle Hasan Abed - In Memoriam

Sir Fazle Hossain Abed

Bangladesh Development Initiative (BDI) joins the nation in mourning the passing away of Sir Fazle Abed, founder and chairperson of BRAC.  Sir Abed was a visionary leader whose work has improved the lives of millions of poor families and brought great accolades to Bangladesh.  Above all, Sir Abed was a friend of the millions of poor and dispossessed in Bangladesh.  The guiding principle in his long and illustrious career was his passion to uplift the nation through inclusive development and poverty alleviation.  He worked hard to help the poor and reduce their suffering through education, training, improved health care, and entrepreneurship.  His mission was to empower the poor, especially women and children, achieve prosperity and fulfillment for themselves and their families.

Very few citizens have made a greater impact and earned more respect of a grateful nation. Those who have known and worked closely with him were struck by his sharp mind, his humility and unassuming nature, and his vision for the development of the people of Bangladesh. He was an extraordinary man who built a large and innovative organization that reflects his vision - BRAC is known globally for dedication to uplifting the lives of the poor, innovative science-based programs, bold vision, and an emphasis on design, efficiency, transparency and massive scale. He received numerous national and international prestigious awards including the Knighthood from the British Empire.

Guided by Sir Abed’s vision and exacting standards, today BRAC is one of the world's largest anti-poverty NGOs, with 115,000 employees in 12 countries offering some 138 million people services including education, micro-loans, job training and health care.

We believe history will judge that Sir Abed is among the greatest Bangladeshis who have ever lived.  Today as we celebrate the life and legacy of Sir Fazle Abed, we are hopeful that a new generation of young Bangladeshi leaders will emerge to follow his vision and calling to help the poor rise from poverty and to fully participate in the development of Bangladesh as a prosperous and democratic nation.