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Journal of Bangladesh Studies ISSN: 1529-0905


In celebration of the 10th year of publication of the Journal of Bangladesh Studies (JBS), the Editorial Board has made a decision to provide free and unlimited access to all articles published in the journal with a lag of four issues for an undetermined period. The articles may be accessed from the links in the sidebar.

JBS, an enterprise of Bangladesh Development Initiative, is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the development of Bangladesh. Given the dearth of scholarly journals from Bangladesh in the major ibraries in the US, JBS was initiated as a flagship entity to establish itself as a knowledge reservoir among its South Asian peers in these libraries. JBS seeks to highlight policy issues pertinent to Bangladesh. Today JBS is available in many prominent South Asian libraries in US universities including Berkeley, Columbia, Princeton, Cornell, Syracuse, Rice, Illinois, and other universities of repute. In the UK, it is available at Cambridge University.

As the premiere research-based journal on Bangladesh, the Editorial Board, by providing unmitigated access, seeks to share local knowledge generated in Bangladesh to support the building of learning communities. The Board also seeks to network more widely with the community of researchers and invites scholarly manuscripts from them that focus on Bangladesh with a policy bent.

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